Phrase 2 Announcement

All services will be subject to situation due to Phrase 2 period. I only will accept booking from regulars or RTF or by deposit.

Telegram is available. Interested to join, please scroll down just right below for further details.

Resuming services back to normal will advise on further notice. Thank you!

Your Exclusive Channel Is Finally Here!

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Ava Naomi Sexapades Telegram Channel

Ava Naomi Fantasy Montage

1 door closed, it the other door opens...

Find the key, to unlock this lock...

Welcome to the World of Ava Naomi

Working hours

Monday - Thursday (Incall) : 330pm - 12am

Friday (Incall) : 330pm - 1am

* I will start at 2pm at some days.

I don't work during weekends and even so, it will prior to advance booking and my schedule.

PS. Outcall only available during weekends or subject to certain days when incall is unavailable.

The Next Big Break

~: Due to the recent pandemic, alot of people are affected including me. Therefore, I will still be around til approximately end of December 2020 before having a long hiatus :~