50 Shades of Grey (Singapore Version)

Note : The encounters for this section were my past experiences when I first started as independent back then. Most of the stuffs, I had stopped doing. Well, who knows, I might do it again, in future 😊.


Written on : 15th Feb 2015

Finally have some times to relax. Having a can of beer, sitting on the bed. I sharing something wif u guys.

Well, these few days during my away, I had my 50 shades of grey. I mean nah, not the movie, I meant experienced. It juz happened that my friend who has a client whom she didn't met for long time asking her to recommend someone she knows so she recommended me. After getting the location I made my way there. Quite a wulu place as it somehow located at shophouses. After figuring out should be the correct place, I saw him, according to description, standing dere waiting. I went up to him, addressed myself, he showed me the way to his place. It was somewhere at the backlane and i thought it was some terrace house but he stopped at tis particular door and said "here we are." I was like "here?" It was juz behind a shophouse. I was kinda panicked as I didn't know was he trying to be funny. And the moment he opened the door and switched on the lights, phew, nothing of that sort that came to my mind, a real proper home. It was kinda cosy I should say, that's a sofa, a bed, a plasma tv, a toilet, a mini fridge etc. He said this is his 2nd hangout place as he has a home. He often come here wif his gf to hangout. Well, another rich chap, that's what I thought.

We chatted abit while he handed me a can of drink and I asked him had him watched 50 shades already. He said no but read it. So we were talking abt the storyline, ya the sex scenes especially and later on I found out, he's into bdsm! A professional one too! He and his gf even went overseas for bdsm professional club, wow! He showed me his equipment which includes candles, whip, ropes, canes (in different shapes sticking on the wall like samurai swords) His gf enjoyed them I was like wow. He asked if I interested he can showed me how it worked. So he signalled me to looked up at the ceiling and that's this cover and he removed it. He went to switched on a button and something just came down. It was a steel string wif a hook! I was like WOW! Like a movie scene! He came up to me and tie my hands wif a rope, asking me to relax. Later did I know, my tied up hands were going to be hanged! 😦

Back to my story. Ok, my both hands were tied up and were hung at the hook. He pressed the button and I was being lifted up inches by inches til I was off the ground. My hands felt painful at that moment and I asked him to stop and let me down. Awhile later, my feet finally touched the ground and I felt a sense of relieved. He walked towards me and I thought he would released me but, no. Wif my hands still tied and hung, he hugged me from behind. His hands roamed ard my body, from thighs, waist and boobs. He planted a kiss on my neck and unzipped my skirt. He went to the front, he looked at me, eyes to eyes. He is abt 40 plus, with tattoos on his arms, he don't really look like his age. Look younger. Kinda quite well maintain. Then, he took off my top and hung on the steel string. He continued to roamed around me, caressed me. He removed my bra and licked my boobs. Can you imagine you being tied and hung but can't even resist or struggle lol, that's hw I felt. At that moment, I only left wif my panties. By then, he already removed his top. Ya I know very 50 shades lol. He put his finger into my panties and caressed me. Dyin, seriously, can't moved lol. Aft that, he released and untied me as can't hung for long time. I was hung like 15 mins. After releasing, my both hands were red and numb. Even aft an hour, the marks still on my hands. 

He brought me to the bed and damn, grey bedsheet lol. Really in the movie. He brought out a vibrator and what a big one lol. He wrapped it with protection as, for hygiene purpose. He used the vibrator and put it on my clits. Den he unzipped his pant and placed his watever into my mouth. All these while the vibrator was still dere. Aft giving him a bj, he capped himself and did it missionary while vibrator doing it miracle. Aft pumping awhile, we changed to doggy and the vibrator didn't left it sight at all. He was thrusting, and it became harder and harder, so was my moan. Suddenly, he covered my mouth and pressed his weight on me. I struggled and let go of the vibrator, the thrust went on til he came. I was like phew, and I really came alot too. He complimented me dat I'm good and I laughed. He will look for me again the next time. 

Overall feeling, it really different. It not dat psycho as I thought. It sensous, erotic. I can really say, really bring sexual life to another level. Dats my 50 shades even the movie was not shown on theatre yet lol. 

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