Dominant vs Submissive: The Guy who Shrugged Me

Note : The encounters for this section were my past experiences when I first started as independent back then. Most of the stuffs, I had stopped doing. Well, who knows, I might do it again, in future 😊.


Posted on 4th of Mar 2015

Alot of people wil have the thinking that bdsm is something kinda painful, torturing or to some might even called it psycho (bian tai). To be honest, I have the same mindset too. Thanks to those AV I watched. I'm not into bdsm til recently, if you guys read my post about my 50 shades with a cs abt 3 weeks back, it totally changed my mind. There are people who like bdsm to be painful or torturing, just for their fantasy or fetish. But that's another side of bdsm too. It can be sensuous, erotic and pleasuring too. The one I had 3 weeks back, stil lingering in my mind and hope the same cs would book again so I can experience more and share wif the rest here. Afterall, he's a professional bdsm player. But the actual fact, this is not my first bdsm experience. I actually had it a year ago but that was more on slave and master. Of course, I'm not the slave, I'm the master.

A year back, I received a SMS from a friend whom looking for someone willingly to do bdsm. So I asked her to provide me with more details. She told me she had a cs whom not really her own but her friend's cs, looking for a gal who can be a master for him. As I had no experience of how it goes, my friend explained to me and even provided a to do list. I went through and thinking this cs is kinda sadist. Wanted to be slapped or beaten up willingly. My friend even said, don't be lenient, just hit him hard. U can even spilt on him. I was like hmmmmmm, need to be this bad??

A few days before the exciting day, I had code red. I msg my friend about it as the cs will go down to the gal so it better to info in case he wanna postponed. My friend get back to me within few mins saying it ok, he don't mind. The more I thinking this guy is real sadist man. Omg. So, the day arrived. I went over my friend's place to get the key. The key to unlock his little bro there. I was thinking, locked? How? I can't even imagine. After got the key, I went to the designated place to meet him. In between that's some miscommunication and met the wrong cs but finally I met the right one. He don't looked any psycho or pervert, he's quite decent looking wearing a spec and in office wear. Aft getting a room, we had a small chat and it time for business. According to him, he did this because it his fetish. Ya right, fetish to get torture *slap head*. So here we start. 

I started off telling him, well even though he might did this dozen times but stil I wanna make myself clear. My start off line was in the event of the bdsm, u should address me as master and I address u as (any names u wanna name. I initially wanted to address him as bastard but I think it not very gd idea so I think I addressed him as dog or something.). If you mention my name instead of master, you will be punished. U should follow each instruction that given to you. Fail to do, you will be punished. You should obey or oblige to every instruction and no hitting or fight back to the master. Roughly, it was like that. So I instructed him to remove his clothes and he went, "yes master." Aft removing, I saw something that shocked me. I finally know what's that lock about. Over there, his precious, was covered in this transparent cover with a hole below which for him to pee. That's a lock in between the cover. The poor didi was like squeezed inside, breathless. I was like, what?! I couldn't helped but told him to pause, before we proceed on, I wanted to ask something. I asked him wouldn't he felt uncomfortable like this. I mean imagine ur didi was locked like that, you can't even wash or touch. He said, he used to it and it a rule he had to obey. I asked him how he going to pee. He said from the hole of the cover. I asked him when the last time it was removed. He said 2 weeks back. -_-lll. Win liao lor. Ok nvm, I asked him to go shower himself and come back kneeling down in front of me. He did as I told. I instructed him to remove my attires and he did it, helped me hung them up nicely. I told him to knee down in front of bathroom door with his hands cross over to pull his ears. Like small kid kana punish like that. No peeping of me showering, have to look down. He did what was told and, really don't dare to look up when I was having my shower. Aft I done mine, I sat on the bed. I asked him to crawled around the room and inmitated dog's barking. He did that and have to sound like a dog lol. Inside of me I was cursing and swearing, what a list to do. I asked him to crawl over to me and he crawled over and knee down in front of me. I told him to lick my toes and all the way to my thighs. He did what was told, without complaining. Honestly, if I did that to others, I think I wil get slap lol. Aft that, I lied down on the bed facing down, I told him to massage my back. What a service! You could torture the person yet can relax lol. He massaged from my neck to my legs. I turned over and he massaged my front. Aft massaged, I asked him to lick my below. As I having code red, he had to remove my panties. And, he really licked it. Damn! This is really extreme. He licked for like more than 15 mins. I stopped him awhile asking him he still wanna continue or wanna stop. I thinking might be due to I didn't ask to stop that's why he kept doing. He said he wanna continue. So I let him continued.

After that, it reward time. I asked him to stand up and I started to give him a hj. A moment he waited for 2 weeks lol. So after awhile of hj, I told him if about to cum, let me know. He told me he abt to cum, so i let it cum on my leg. Next, I asked him to lick the cum from my leg and can't swallowed it or spitted it out. Ya I know u guys wil go, yucks! I have no choice, I have to follow the rules. I asked him to knee down in front of the tv while I washed up. Told him to help me wear back my clothes. All these while, he still didn't swallowed or spitted out the cum. I told him to knee down in front of the door, I worn back my heels and took my stuffs. I opened up the door and asked him to open his mouth. The cum was still there. I told him to swallow all and showed me his open mouth again. He really swallowed. The last action, ultimate one. I lifted up my foot which I already had heels on and kicked it and yeah, it a goal! That's it, I kicked his balls. I can see he's in pain but he controlled it as it not supposed to give out any sounds even though you are in pain. After kicking, I closed the door and left. And oh yeah, I left out the most important one. Yeah, I locked his previous again before I left. So the next person to unlock, I don't know will be when. I wondering what if the key is lost, how to unlock it. Hmmmm.

Overall experience, well, it quite extreme and sadist. This kind of slave and master torment I think will be last for me because basically, it kinda extreme for me. There are pple who might even more extreme den this. It a kinda fetish. For me, I think I will go for more erotic. Of course there will be some pain as in those light whipping but I can guarantee it won't leave marks on u. If you wanna experience this kind of feeling or wanna spice things up to another level, you know who to look for 😊.

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