Flip Me Like A Prata!

Note : The encounters for this section were my past experiences when I first started as independent back then. Most of the stuffs, I had stopped doing. Well, who knows, I might do it again, in future 😊.


Posted on 11th Nov 2015

Ok, I know my title sounds like a comedy but after I completed writing the encounter, you guys will understand it lol.

Somewhere last weekend, I received a text from a gal who also in this industry to ask me check the forum as my name was mentioned in this particular dome about a mmf session. So out of curiosity, I logged in to check it out. The TS was looking for a lady whom is a FL to participate in his mmf session wif him and his friend. He will be doing with the gal while his friend will be watching. He explained his criteria and hope to find the one. So I was recommended by an ex FL that I had tarma with her twice and probably they could asked me about it. I replied back to the thread that I did mmf before and replied to some of the points that they asked and so on. I thought it might not on as the TS preferred a lady who is 1.7m tall as he is really tall like abt 1.9m.

The very next day, I received an email and surprisingly, was from the TS. Standard procedures, he was asking for the damage, my location of my incall etc. So I replied accordingly to what they had enquired. So their final decision was they will opt for an hour session as since his friend will not be doing too. They set the date on a Thursday (which was last Thursday). From there, I learnt who are they. TS's name is M and his fren, SK. The day had came. I created a group chat the day before for final confirmation and my confirmed incall to them.

They messaged me on the day itself that they had arrived at the lobby and I advised them to come up. 'Ding dong' door bell was rang. My final check on myself through the mirror and went to open the door. There stood, a very tall, lean, blonde curly ears length hair Caucasian. My first thought was, wah, he looked like Kenny G hahahaha! I imagined him holding a saxophone and started to play those famous hits of Kenny G hahahahahaha! His fren was a chinese whom don't looked like his mentioned age. We greeted each other when the door was open. M, the Caucasian guy was holding onto this black rectangular box and I learnt that, that was the portable radio. Kinda well prepared huh lol. He placed it on the table next to the bed and played the music. I asked them what would they wanna drink as I had beer and a bottle of wine. The wine was brought from another cs before them and i don't think I could finished it up by myself. So they preferred the wine and I started to pour into 3 glasses and handled 2 glasses to them while I had mine. We started to chi chat and from there, M told me that this was not his 1st time doing this. He experienced it a couples of times with other gals. I asked him since he experienced it, why would he wanna engaged a FL this time round. He said that he wanted to try it with a more professional lady as he never did that before. I told them well, don't stress me up as I might screw things up if they pin too high hope and they laughed. M said SK even recommended his gals for him to play too and I was like wow, both of them are really open minded. We chatted for abt 15 or 20 mins and M excused himself and went for his shower. SK told me that don't underestimate M as his stamina was really good even though he was in his late 30s. He can last for an hour. I was like, wow. 

SK and me were still chatting away and the toilet door was opened. There stood a totally nude M, with his towel, spreading across both hands as he wiped his body. My eyes went downwards and WOW! What a well endowed one! It was really damn big and long! It like more than a 7 inches and as for the dimension, I really don't know how to estimate. Amongst all the CSs I had dealt with, he had all in 1 combo in terms of length and size. I was dumbfounded and stopped my conversation. Speechless. It wasn't fully erected yet but still looked this big to me. I was thinking, siao liao, how to go in if I'm not wet enough lol. M walked up to my direction, gave me a cheeky grin. The nearer he approached me, the bigger it seemed to be. SK saw my expression and said isn't it big and I answered back yes it is and it damn big lol. M was beside me and started to touch me and tried to pulled up my skort to caress my down south. But, cos it was a skort, that's some barrier lol. If u guys wondering what is a skort, it a combination of skirt and short. It's the latest trend in fashion. I started to took off my skort, unbuttoned my white blouse, unhooked my bra and took off my panties. M looked at my ass and went, wow nice ass lol. I felt like I some kind of lead actress in those ang moh AV porn where 2 guys were looking at every action I did to my nude body. Felt weird though lol.

M sat down on a bench and pulled me to him. I went down, squatted down and did my bj to him. I licked on his shaft, slowly from licking to sucking. As his shaft was too big for my mouth to go in deeper, I had to use my hand to combine it with the bj. At times, I would looked up at him while I blew him, looking at his expression, making sure he enjoyed it. He looked like he did, with the priceless expression and some moans from him. SK commented it seemed good, looked like kinda professionally done. "Wow, Look at that. Is it good M?" M replied yeah it's good. While they were exchanging words, I still performing the bj. This time M changed his position to the bed. He knelt down and I knelt down too to continue blew him. Our view now is better for SK. SK could see me blew M away with better view. I kept blowing, with all the techniques I know and M was enjoying every single moment. SK asked it seemed delicious isn't it? You seemed to enjoy that dick. I stopped awhile and answered him yeah and do u wanna try? Geman sausage. Both laughed. M went to his player and changed the music. That's another bed at the other side and he knelt down there. I went over and asked so you like rock music? He said ya somehow and how about me. I said ya I like rock music. He answered back well, you looked like you are more into electronic lol. I continued my bj to him. And after a short while, I asked him does he wanna be capped and he said yeah. I took out my cap and looked at his shaft. Thinking, was it too small for him lol. SK said to M didn't he has his own cap and M went oh ya and reached out to his jean and took out his cap. He past it to me and I used my mouth to cap on for him. SK went oh wow look at that, using mouth to cap on. But, due to his well endowed shaft, I couldn't rolled it with my mouth lol. M took it from me and used his hands to expand the cap and capped it on lol. The scene was funny as it looked like wearing a shirt over his shaft lol. I scared the whole cap would torn with the way he expanded it. The next thing I knew, I was like kinda flipped over to the next bed lol. If I could remember, he held my legs up like he wanted to hug me and I didn't how or what, I was flipped to next bed. I looked like a dough, ready to be flipped into prata haha! That's why my title was named flip me like a prata lol. He went over and before he inserted his shaft in, he took my lub and applied on me. At first it was me who applied it first with certain amount. It was not I was not wet, it was due to his size. When M saw that amount, he went was it enough? He took the bottle and squeezed more and applied on me lol. He then inserted his shaft inside me. I could feel my vagina wall was expanding and I started to moan when it disappeared deep inside. M started to thrust me, in a fast and rough way. Not a chance of going slow. I couldn't take it and moaned really loud, almost to the extend of screaming. M flipped me again to another position. I suddenly forgotten which position haha. Continued to thrust me hard. At that point of time, I felt my stomach was aching, like anytime I would shit. Each thrust felt like my intestines were almost pulled out. He flipped me again to missionary and this time, he pushed my legs back and he was in squatting position and pumped me hard. SK even commented wow, that SAS deep man bro. Yes, it was, real damn deep. My moaning was getting louder and louder. I wondering anyone beside us could actually heard it as it almost like screaming.

M kept pumping the same squatting position for quite long and he flipped me over again to doggy style but in lying position instead of arching my ass up. SK was commenting that M really pumping me damn deep and M replied that's the reason he rather choose a taller gal than a petite gal as he felt like he tearing them apart. I was thinking it not the matter of tall or petite or slim or fat. It whether the gal really can take it lol. M pumped me from that lying position and still in the hard way that my head was actually reaching at the edge of the bed that i had to use my left hand to pushed myself against the floor. I seldom will be vulgar on bed but I was actually saying 'shit', 'fuck' now and then. Again, I was flipped facing up with my body lying on bed. I really looked like a human prata man lol. We were back to missionary again. M was full of sweat as I could see him panting in between pleasure and the hard thrusting motion. He never let a single chance of slowing down, still pumping me, roughly. My moan never had a moment of stopping. It still in loud moan or screamed. I was moaning and saying 'fuck' at same time. M went faster and faster and so did my moan. In my mind i was thinking were we going to last this for an hour? While I still in the middle of my thought, M reached his climax and took off his shaft from my wet abused vagina, took off his cap and aim at me. At first i thought he wanted to cum on my face and I somehow turned my head to the other side as I don't do cof. But, he cum on my body. Each cum lied on every parts of my body. Highest aim was near to my neck. We both were panting, catching our breath. I kinda laughed as well, still couldn't believed what I had went through. A big, long sausage in me. SK was saying to M, dude what happened to you? You could last longer den that. M said he was not feeling that well as he had stomach upset earlier in the day. M was kneeing down in front of me while I still lying on bed. He started to wiped his cum all over my body like applying suntan lotion lol. I guess it good for my skin as I heard cum contains protein haha! He gave me that cheeky grin again while his hands went over my body to my nipples and he played on them. I was thinking, don't tell me he wanted a 2nd round? I need to rest and really a long rest 1st lol. 

M stood up and reached for the water to replenish those sweat that he had loss. I stood up too and reached for my towel and excused myself to shower. They were chatting away while I was in the toilet. I came out and had some chats with them. M went for his shower shortly after me and came out to wear back his clothes. SK said he wanted to persuade his wife to have such activity too but needed times to persuade her. He asked M whether he interested in his wife. To my astonishment, M said to SK, yeah I have been aiming your wife for long time. I imagine a friend telling another friend that he wanted to fuck his wife. Not many can take it I think. I asked SK, he don't mind at all that if his wife doing with someone else? He said why not, it kinda common nowadays and alot are doing that. It good that married couples to have such activities like swing, threesome, exchange partner etc. It somehow strengthen the relationship. Of course, that's a limit to it. That shouldn't have any strings attached. This is what he said. He continued that he don't mind his wife to go out with M too even a  trip in overseas for a week. He will say to his wife to go ahead and enjoy herself. M said that yeah, it kinda sexy too to do that. I asked M did he had any gals that couldn't take his size? He said ya. That's this Korean gal he had and she was tall. They couldn't did it at all. The moment he inserted the dick head, she felt painful and had to stop. This went on like 30 mins til he gave up. Another lady he had was an US gal that couldn't take it of his size. I was like, huh. I thinking to myself, i must be weird that I could bear with it til it ended lol. After our chat, they had to go. I sent them to my door and M said in case I don't hv anything later, I could call him for a 2nd round. I think he saw my shocked look and laughed and said just kidding lol. He gave me a hug and SK gave me a handshake and they left. After few mins, I received a text from M saying thank you for the session and he really had fun. I felt relieved as it my job to make sure everyone enjoy.

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