Sexual Fantasy Escapade (MMF)

Note : The encounters for this section were my past experiences when I first started as independent back then. Most of the stuffs, I had stopped doing. Well, who knows, I might do it again, in future 😊.


Posted on 27th Sept 2015

On 25th Sept 2015, time checked was around 10pm. I waited nervously of the arrival of 2 guests. I checked on my attire, my looks, my hair etc basically everything of myself to make sure I look at least great to others. I had messaged 1 of them to come to my room. I standing in the room, thinking, how will everything turns out. 'Ding Dong', there went the doorbell. I walked towards the door with every steps coupled with my heart pumping louder and louder, I think if anyone was in the room, could heard my heartbeats. I peeped through the peephole and saw a guy but didn't saw the other. I opened the door slowly and nervously, wild imagination been running through my head. I greeted the guy who I saw through the peephole and he greeted back and entered in and followed by another one. I asked them so who is who. The latter replied I guess u should know who is who. 

The nite before, J, the one I didn't saw through the peephole emailed me to double confirm the booking. He said that he was really very nervous about the whole thing as it is his first time doing all these. I calmed him down saying everything will turn out fine but I was actually nervous too lol. It was my 1st mmf and who wouldn't. On the actual day while they waiting for me to get ready, J msg me saying he was very nervous and was serious lol. L, the other guy was even more excited than him while he felt scared lol. I was thinking, why was he scared, I'm not a monster lol. That's explained why he was standing at other side and hiding when I peeped through peephole. 

Inside the room, that's abit of awkwardness. I started to strike a conversation by asking them they wanted any drinks like beer as I bought a few cans in case they needed it to ease tension. They declined it as they needed to head back to work after the whole session. J is not a drinker too according to wat they have told me. Ended up I drank all through the night lol. So we started to chat and know abit of each other as it kinda weird if all of us just jump to bed right. So to what I had knew, J lost a bet due to some reason and his forfeit was to engage in such activity lol. He never been through all these even engaging a fl. He loss his virginity in quite a later age and he was upset about it hahahaha. When I heard that, I was laughing non stop. A guy upset about losing his virginity. He is a devoted Christian whom believed in sex after marriage but it just curiosity that he gave it to his ex gf. He was blindfolded throughout when it happened lol. He only started to what so called chiong June this year (2015). As for L, he was a chiongster in this and prof about it lol. He did experience mmf before and I find there it quite an admiring thing for a guy as, not many willing to do that. I asked him didn't he felt weird to do mmf with a friend and he said no, it actually ok and he did before with a friend. So I asked the both of them were they ok with each other to do mmf as guys will ego about their sizes, skills and stamina. L said it fine for him, out of fun. J was like left with no choice kinda stuff lol. Throughout our conversations, J whom sat on the floor leaning against the bed, was nervous. He been drinking the water from the bottle that I gave him. For wat I seen, I guess he wished this moment would end it quick lol. On the other hand, L seemed calmed. Probably dued to he had experienced it and I guess he looking forward to it lol. As for me, acting a cool and calmed side lol. Deep inside, I wondered how to get it started lol. J went to toilet for a released. After he came out, I asked him did he wanna take shower as well and he said ok and went for shower. L and me went to balcony to chat while I smoked. J came out from shower, fully dressed and I couldn't helped it and laughed. I told him why he had to dressed back again, he could have wrapped himself with a towel. He was feeling shy and sorts and went to the bed and lied down. L turn to go shower while I chatted wif J. L came out wif towel wrapped. I teased J by saying, see, your friend came out with towel wrapped. You still wear back your outfit lol. It my turn to shower too so I excused myself and went to toilet and washup.

I came out shortly and J was lying on bed wif blanket covered him. I thought he had fell aslept initially lol. I asked him had he fell aslept and he said no, just lying down. I asked was it he had stripped and with towel on and he said yes. L told him to get out from the blanket and start the action but J somehow still lying on bed lol. L just went over and took the blanket off and threw it to the bed and told him to be spontaneous and get into action. J was like covering his face and reluctantly got up. L was like lecturing him jokingly and I got onto the bed and thinking, who should I start with actually lol. L got onto the bed telling J "faster la, don't waste time la." J was like "okok, start lor." So I lied down on bed looking at them side to side, kinda dilemma of what should I do lol. L instructed J to get into action and he started to lick my left nipple. J followed by the right nipple. I started to reach out their dicks and L already was hardened while J still haven't. I licked J nipple while I stroking his dick. He was closing his eyes, enjoying the moment. L was fingering me, gently going in and out while he still on my nipple. I went down south to J's dick and gave a bj, licking on the tip and to the whole area. This time, the fingering was going faster and faster that I couldn't controlled anymore and started to moan now and then. My mouth was still giving bj to J, hoping it will harden. L went down on me and started to paint me and at times fingering me. My moan got louder now and then. I kept bj J and my fingers caressing his nipples. At times I could hear J moaned with his eyes closed. Probably to save his awkwardness lol. 

L stopped his painting and I guess I getting wet by the intense of it. He went beside me and I stopped my bj to J and changed my target to L. I looked at his harden dick and at him, giving my bj to him. Licking, sucking, deepthroating, sucking with my twirling tongue. He didn't stopped at me. His fingers still in my pussy. J at times caressing my boobs, licking them. L instructed him to do something to my pussy. My pussy was abused by another target. Fingered it, painting it. I gave soft moaning while I still giving bj to L. This process was going on like 20 mins or more. I gave bj to J again, it still not hardened yet. I thinking he was not used to all these or was he shy about it that gave him the barrier. L finally ready to cap on and he went to get the condom that I placed on the table beside the bed and capped it on. He inserted inside me and started to thrust me. I was giving bj to J and the thrust was getting harder and harder dat I couldn't helped it at times and started to moan loudly, grabbing J's arm and body. L started off with missionary, then he placed my both legs on his shoulder. Kept thrusting harder and harder while frenching me. When he stopped frenching me, I reached out J's dick and continued my bj. Hoping I could woke up this little bro lol. L flipped me over and doggy me. My fave position oh god lol. J sat up and I continued blowing him while L doggy me hard. I was moaning so loud that I think the next room could be heard hahahaha. I think so or would rather not to know lol. The thrusting was getting harder and harder that I couldn't positioned myself on bj so I could only licked J's nipples. The feeling was just so overpowered that I let loosed and stopped whatever I could do and moaned loudly. I thinking, 'man, this guy certainly has good stamina'. Lol. L was tired of the action and we changed position to cowgirl. I was riding on him while I caressing J. I think he kinda gave up himself too and told me to go ahead, it ok. So he choosed to watch lol. Live porn lol. I had been riding on L and at times we frenched and it was like 10 mins and it my turned to feel tired. So I told L to doggy me as I liked that. So again, we back to doggy. I still didn't gave up hope to J and continued my bj on him while L thrusting me behind. The thrust going stronger and stronger and I could felt my intense, my moan getting louder that I guess it rang around the room and echoed back. My body started to shiver and twisted upwards. L didn't slowed down his speed but increased it til I started to grabbed J's body and the bed. I could somehow heard L's breath getting heavier. And finally, seemed like forever, he cummed. 

I was panting, still in dazed, I in mmf. I turned my position and lied down. Couldn't believed what I had went through. L went to clean himself up while I with J. J said it ok, don't have to service him, he was ok. He been repeated himself countless times lol. I was like are you sure and he was very certain lol. I guess he preferred to watch or rather, wished he was not there hahaha. I went to have some sips of water and sat on other side of bed while J sitting on the other. He told me it was not my fault or either I was not good or what. It his mind. He was not turned on to gals who smoke or have tattoos. Even how pretty they are, it not a turn on for him. I told him it ok, everyone has their preferences. He was like praising L indeed had very good stamina and skills as he had been hearing about it lol. 大开眼界 lol. J told me if it was not due to time constraint, L could last longer, even an hour or so. I do agree, L's stamina is good indeed. So far, he would be the 2nd on my list with good stamina (by now, probably around 4 or so who have good stamina). After the both of them had washed up, they left shortly as they had to rush for work. According to L, they were late for an hr to work oops! This is my first experience of mmf and it was kinda unforgettable one. I hope the same for them too. 

Fast forward to last year December, I bumped onto L again. As I had loss most of my contacts back then, I didn't know it was him til we met on the day he booked me. At first, I found him familiar. We had some chatting first (my usual style lol) and proceeded to action. He still kept up his stamina. Our whole duration took an hour or so 😲. After everything, we sat on bed resting and continued our chat. That's where he asked me am I the lady who had the mmf with him and his friend few years back at cityhall area. That's where I rang a bell. So I asked him how's J. He said he didn't contacted him anymore as J did something bad to their company. I wouldn't wanna revealed it here as afterall, it J's personal life. But I was kinda shocked of his doings. He doesn't looked like such person but again, looks are just masks to cover yourself from whatever bad stuffs you have done. After our chat, L went for shower and went off. That's the last time I saw him. 

That's my encounter, hope you guys enjoy. Goodnight!

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