The Eyemask Intruder

Note : The encounters for this section were my past experiences when I first started as independent back then. Most of the stuffs, I had stopped doing. Well, who knows, I might do it again, in future 😊.


Posted on 10th May 2015

It was those days again, going class to class, attending different lessons. While waiting for the next lesson to start, my classmate whom also one of my gd friends, Cat was sitting beside me. We were just having some casual talking and just didn't know how or why, she mentioned about her ex fling, whom she felt quite irritated by him. He been messaging her and so on and she just wanna drew a line as she felt tired about it. Actually, I was kinda shocked to find out she had a fling as she looked innocent and whenever we talked abt sexual stuffs with others, she always gave a disgusted look and will not participate in that topic. So the saying is right. The more innocent looking a person is, the more she /he will be wild deep inside. How true is that. According to her, tis fling of hers was the one whom unfolded her sexuality. Back then, she already wif her bf that they had been together til even the time I know her. She loss her virginity since 15 yrs old to her bf but she didn't enjoyed it. She just felt painful whenever they had sex and that's made her kinda withdrew from sex. Til she knew her fb. At first, they just met for a heavy petting that's all. But I guess she's too sexually aroused, she couldn't resisted and gave in. She told me even after what they did, she still felt horny and wet. After she reached home, she did it immediately wif her bf. That's where she became a horny bitch hahahaha! 

So after hearing from her, I kinda dumbfounded. She said that it a secret between us as she didn't want others to know abt it and she knows I kinda open minded to such stuffs and won't looked at her in other kinda ways. So the next question really caught me in dilemma. She asked would I interested to know her ex fling. I was like what?! She said her ex fling did mention dat he would wanna know another gal since my friend didn't wanna continue wif him. Back then, I did have a bf too but due to some reasons, our relationship was kinda shaky and no matter how far we go, we would breakup one day. I was kinda upset due to my relationship and just wanna drew my attention from him and of course of my high curiosity, I decided to give it a try to get to know this new guy. I know it kinda naive action but, you know young gals, who will think back then. So my advise to other young gals nowadays, you can do whatever u wan, flirting around, having different kind of sexual excitement but end of the day, answer to your own action. Don't blame others for whatever shit that put you through. If you don't agree, nobody can force you. Ok back to my story. So my friend started to SMS him about me and soon, HP no was exchanged. 

Not long after we exchanged, my HP beeped. The message went, Hi there, you are cat's friend blah blah blah. I said yes and what's your name. He messaged back that he was Dav. So the rest of the day we been messaging each other. Asking about my relationship, my sex life and so on. According to him, he had a gf as well but she was a devoted Christian, their sex lives were not that active and excited. Soon the question was kicked to me, when do we wanna meet? I was kinda dilemma honestly. Should I meet or not. It seemed like a mistake if I do as I had a bf. Wait a min, he don't treat me good either too. I'm more of his sex slave then a gf. Those past 2 years when we were together, it mostly sex that he would meet me if not, he can't be bothered. So why should I give a damn? Ok, fine, just do it. So I finally made up my mind to meet Dav. We arranged on next week if not wrong it a Wednesday. 

The day had came. I kinda nervous about the meeting. Thinking, what will it leads to. I think I am really bold. We didn't see each other before, didn't even sent pic to each other too. The only way was asking about each other thru my friend. My friend told him I'm a not bad looker with good figure (those were the days where I was damn slim hahaha). Not I said ah, it my friend. My friend told me he was average looking but has good skills. This is the only info I got.

That day, I still had class. After my lesson, it already around 3pm. I quickly went home, showered, makeup (yeah back then, I was already hiao lol), dressed up and went out to take a cab to meet him. He placed the meeting place at his place at Pasir Ris. Super far from my place. Accordingly to him, that's not his place. It was his auntie's place and they had went overseas for holiday. I was like, like that also can. Making use of relative place to have fun, clever lol. After some times, I reached his block. He texted me telling me the unit no to go. So I followed the clues and went on up. I reached outside the unit and texted him I'm outside, open the door for me. He replied that the gate and door were not locked, just come in and lock both of the gate and door. I did as what he said. I slowly opened the gate followed by the door. It was already 6 plus so the whole place was getting dark. That's a living room in front of me and that's 2 doors which were the bedrooms. After I locked the gate and door, I texted him so what now. I took out my shoes while waiting for his reply. My heart was pounding fast thinking, what is this guy up to. He replied me back telling me that's something at the door, go over and pick it up. He followed by if after seeing it and I feel uncomfortable, I can leave, it ok. So I went over to the door which I could see something hanging dere. I removed it from the knot and, it was an eyemask 😲 Somehow from the corner of my eyes, I saw a dark shadow behind the door of the bedroom behind me. I knew should be him, peeping at what I'm doing. My HP beeped and I looked at it. It stated, wear that on. I was like talking to mid air saying really have to wear this on. What are you up to. That's no reply. Holding the eyemask in my hands, thoughts running in my mind. Finally, I just tell myself, fine, just hiong la. Wear it then. So I put it on. After a few seconds, I heard door cracking sound and soon my mouth was covered and was dragged and carried to one of the bedrooms. 😰

The moment I was dragged, the natural reaction from anyone would wanna screamed. Before I could reacted to that situation, my mouth was covered. I was carried to the room where he had hidden and peeped at me. I could sensed the direction as he was walking backwards with me in his arms. He placed me on a bed or rather mattress as it was kinda low compared to a normal bed. I could felt his breathing, somehow it was far but yet it was moving slowly towards me. I think he was smelling me, smelling from my hair, to my ear, to my neck. The heavy breathing was so near. I could figured out or imagined that he was admiring me, every single parts. My breathing was heavy too, I tried not to, trying to stay calm. My heart was pounding real fast, I hope it was not obvious for him that I was nervous too. His lips touched mine. We kissed and slowly ended up in frenching. He made the moves. Stripping my top off, revealing my bra. His fingers were running over the bra, just like tracing the shape of the bra. He took it off. My boobs were exposed. This time I couldn't hide my breathing, I was inhaling and exhaling heavily. He said softly almost whispering "nice boobs and nipples you have." After finished the sentence, my boobs were attacked. He licked on them, 1 by 1. Sucking on them. I gave out a soft moan. Next thing before I could reacted, my hands were tied up. I couldn't really figured out by what, it was fabric but I dunno was it my clothes. His hands were still roaming my boobs, moving downwards to my waistline, roaming every single area and my skin. Then, he moved to my jean, unbuttoned, unzipped and took it off. Next, my panties was off too. I was completely nude now. In my mind I was thinking, damn, 1 thing lucky I was blindfold if not, I felt paiseh sia as it my first time meeting him lol. He went "you really have a nice figure." There was a few seconds of silent and next I could felt his nude upper body against me. His lips reached mine again and we frenched like long lost lover. He moved his head to my neck and kissed and licking on it. I felt a bite over there and later on I looked at the mirror, it was lovebite 😓thanks man. He moved downwards, to my boobs and licking on them. There's where I know, where's my sensitive spots hahahaha. The sensation gave me shivered, I felt great. Started to moan. He didn't stopped there. Continued to move downwards, to the south. Opened up my legs and attacked the base. This is what it called, cover the face, attack the base LOL! I felt his tongue going up and down my clit and stick into the hole, continued to attack me and defeated me. Tongue action cum fingering, I started my moan, from lower volume of 1 to 6. I was damn wet by now. I could figured out he couldn't take it too. Another few seconds of silent again and I felt something rubbing against my clit. Oh yeah, it was his dick. A few rubbing and there he went, into my fountain hole. From slow thrust, increased his speed to a forceful thrust. Each thrust, sending from volume 6 to almost 9. He whispered to my ears "what if there's not only me, a few guys around, watching u being fucked, ready to fuck u too. How you going to save yourself?" By hearing that, my mind frozen.

Dumbfounded of course. I started to struggle, afraid that it might be true. He forced me down, thrusting more on me. He turned me around, adjusted my position and doggy me. I was moaning all the way. He whispered to me "I love ur moan, so alluring. Make me wanna fuck you more." He went on thrusting more and more, faster and faster and finally he cummed, cummed on my butt. I can felt the hot cum dripping down. I collapsed straight after, he helped me wiped away the cum. 

I was lying down, telling him to help me untied my hands and the eyemask. As I was blindfold like almost an hr or more, it took some times for me to open up my eyes fully. The room was pitch dark. I guess the timing by then was already 8 plus. I could figured out he was lying beside me, hugging me. We chatted on the bed. Then, I asked him to show me his face lol. Of course I have to know la right lol. Funny thing was, that's switches right, but instead, he used lighter lol wtf haha. Ok la, not yandao but not that ugly too. Average looking. We chatted, joked around. Had 2nd round again and the time was getting late, I had to go home. He sent me down to take a cab. Passed me some cash for the fares as it was freaking expensive for to and fro trip. 

We did have a few occasions after that. My first time to hotel was with him and we spent overnight together. We did it in public too, at open spaced multistorey carpark. Doing in the middle of the carpark. What I meant is not inside the car. We were in the middle of the carpark lol. We ended it after that or rather it was me who ended. He can be quite a nuisance at times which I couldn't take it. He did contact me after some times but I didn't wanna continue on. He even wanted me to be his gf when after he broke up with his gf after some times. Abit crazy. We didn't stayed contact anymore and I think he already married and have kids when I went through my list of my contacts just 1 fine day. That's good for him. Hope he stays well and happy.  That's the end of my story during my younger days. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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