The Trial Sessions wif the Guinea Pigs

Note : The encounters for this section were my past experiences when I first started as independent back then. Most of the stuffs, I had stopped doing. Well, who knows, I might do it again, in future 😊.


Written on : 20th Feb 2015

Hey guys,

Hope u like my personal experiences that i shared. As mentioned, here is another one that i started to do a 'trial' sessions wif my CS. That's where i decided to have my very own 50 shades in my personalise menu.

Last Saturday, vday, I did something special for 2 cs. This particular one, let's called him E, arranged for appt for outcall. Even though I had a room that day but stil, I agreed to meet him outside since it cs call of decision. He was kinda shy guy also hygienic. I never thought, he even more kinky than me lol.

When we were on the bed, I started what I supposed to do. Suddenly, kinky thoughts came to my mind. So I asked him, would he willing to try something kinky. He was abit surprised and asked what I going to do. So I told him and he agreed to it. I switched off some of the lights except the one at the dressing table. I took a towel from the toilet, told him to close his eyes and gently placed it on top of the area that able to cover his eyes. I started wif licking his nipples, gently lickin and sucking while my hand goin south, caressing his dick and playing his balls wif my fingers. He let out a soft moan. I stopped for awhile to reach out to get the bottle of mineral water on the table and opened up. I poured abit of water on the lid and slowly poured bit by bit on his body. I started to lick and suck off the water before all dripping down to the bed. I repeated doing that a few times, but at some points pouring at different parts. Sometimes on nipples or on upper or lower body. I asked him how does it felt, he replied it ok, feeling is different, kinda kinky.

After that, he suddenly turned over and asked me to smack his butt. I was like, what?! I did as he told and started to smack it. I asked him was the strength ok he said if can harder up wil be better. Juz then i remembered I worn a belt for my outfit that day so I clipped it together and smacked on his butt. Wow, I could see he really enjoyed it as he started to moan. While I smacked, I caressed his balls too. Aft that, we changed to 69 as I gave him bj and his turned to smack my butt and even fantasy that I'm his student hahaha! Saying something like "naughty gal, went to sch didn't wear ur panties." I was like, what?! Lol! And well, I really can't recalled how we ended it but I know we had a kinky times and I think he enjoyed it. Aft everything, he sent me back to my room and I waited for my next cs til arrive in another hour time. 

My next cs arrived and let's name him as J. We chatted awhile and went showered. We headed to bed and it began. Halfway through our foreplay, again my kinky habit back again lol. Again, I asked this cs, would he willing to try kinky stuffs lol. He nodded and agreed. So I went to dim the lights and went back to bed. I asked him to close his eyes, no peeping. I reached out for my beer which I already drank and slowly poured on his body. As the beer is more cooler den the mineral water which I tried on the other cs earlier on, I think this time is even more kick. As I poured gently and slowly, afraid I would poured too much and wet the bed. I quickly bent over and licked it, from bottom all the way, steadily and slowly, to his neck. Sometimes I poured abit on his nipples and sucked off the beer off. All these while, I could see, he enjoyed it. While I doing that, I asked, was he feeling good. He replied okay, felt good and really kinky. He even asked me don't stopped, continued, go on lol. The rest, well was history except I didn't whipped or smacked him like previous one did haha. 

Thats the end of my kinky encounters. So what u think? ;) 

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