Chapter 1 - Frenching

DISCLAIMERS : Whatever I write is based on my own opinion. I might sound blunt or offensive to some but this is how I feel. You can disagree but doesn't mean I have to agree with you too.


Ok, here i go. Alot might think frenching is a simple thing if comes to making out. Just open the mouth, go into the other party's mouth and that's it. You are totally WRONG! U still require at least the basic skills. For first timer (those still in their sweet and young time, puppy loves and stuffs), I can understand, practice makes perfect. This is how i think it should be.

Firstly, make sure your mouth doesn't stink. What i mean? Imagine after a meal (e.g. your food contains onions, garlics, spices....basically, it foods), maybe you will not realise at all. But, imagine the smell comes from the other party. How u feel? Maybe u will like it especially a small chuck of it stuck between his /her teeth, you can swallow it and have a taste of it. Lol, how nice to share food man. Another example is after a hard, long day, somehow your body will feel heaty. To some or mostly, it will affect your breath too. You will not realise it til you experience it yourself or the other party tell you herself / himself. Of course, there are some have naturally bad breath. For me, when comes to work (not only work i guess), i will gargle a mouthful of mouthwash and even after the whole process is over. It not only for personal hygiene but also as a respect for the other party. A refreshing smell will at least make the other party at ease too.

Don't rush things. Don't just poke your mouth straight to the party's mouth and start the tongue fight. Unless both of you are extremely horny and can't wait to fuck. If u are on dating period / just start a relationship or like me, engaging / in FL line, give a light peck kiss on the lips first. See how his / her reaction. If he / she has no drawback reaction, go on a step further. Slowly place your lips on his / her softly and kiss gently and according to the motion. Be patience. Don't be forceful and place your whole mouth onto her / his. I experienced this before where the client placed his whole mouth onto mine. I can't moved or opened up my mouth at all. He was like sucking my whole mouth. It like a fish sucking into it's food or something. It not only this client but a few did that. If they realised their mistakes, i can understand. The problem was, they thought they are fucking experts, duh. They opened their mouths and suck onto mine and the whole area of my mouth, were their saliva! Yucks! Especially if they have bad breath, the smell will linger inside the nostril. So u can imagine how bad it is. 

The other no no thing that will turn me off at least, and to others too (unless u like it) is licking the whole circumference of the mouth. Maybe they think it sexy or kinda turn on. Seriously, wake up your fucking mind, it NOT appealing at all! What you treat the other party for? Ice cream ah? That's another type which is they thought they are in a drama or movie. They plant their mouths and just stay there. When he feels like it, will move abit. Sometimes i thinking, when will be the real stuff or, can someone says, "CUT!" Ok, back to my topic.

While you are kissing her / him and both of u are comfy with each other time, u can gently touch her / his face. If u feels like stroking her / his hair, make sure they don't mind. Some might have certain hairdos and they didn't wanna mess up with their hair. Another point I have to add on too. Do ensure to close your eyes during the whole process. Don't open your eyes throughout the whole process. Don't turn this into a horror movie. Not cool. You can open your eyes at times to take a quick glance but not to open it to watch. At this point of time, you can have some body contacts like, holding her / him close. If you are on first date, try to avoid straight to the point like grabbing her boobs, trying to reach her / his there.Try to keep it cool and steady. If it a fling or a long time couple, ok, ignore it then lol. 

The last part also the steamy one. When the heat is on, both of u are started to feel excited, slowly insert your tongue into her / his mouth. Hint her / him that you wanna taste her / his tongue too. If she / he gets the hint, will return the favour too. That's where you can french her / him aka tongue fight. You can suck her / his tongue at times too while frenching but not too long or too frequent. Do it at the right time. If u like a hot kind one, u can bite her / his lower lip gently. Not too violent and cause bleeding ok lol. It not a Twilights movie lol. And ya, kissing or frenching suppose to have some lips knocking sounds, it not totally silent or too noisy too.

I will share this particular cs I served before. I think by far he was the worst kisser or rather even sex,  I ever had. I will just cover on kissing part. I remembered he's a Malaysian Chinese (I'm not xenophobia) whom will travel here for work purpose. He often will stay in the hotel at the east. For what i know, a lot of girls and even agencies had banned him including myself. His kissing, i still remembered til now. When I recalled it, the linger of the smell started to fill up my nostril too. ~~shiver~~ He's the type who will plant his whole bloody mouth onto your whole mouth including your nose! He really thought he was eating a burger. And, his mouth stank! No offend if i say this. It fucking stank!!! No matter how many times i washed my mouth and nose, the smell lingered on. So can you imagine how bad it was. Beside that, there's a few things which no girls i believe, will not wanna take him again. Will elaborate more on upcoming topics. Since the topic is about kissing, i just stop the disgusting experience here. 

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