Chapter 2 : Foreplay - Caress, Fondling, Playing with the body

DISCLAIMERS : Whatever I write is based on my own opinion. I might sound blunt or offensive to some but this is how I feel. You can disagree but doesn't mean I have to agree with you too.


Do u have foreplay with the other party? Yes, selective, no? Don't be surprised that there are people that don't practice foreplaying. To those who are 'yes', good for you but do you want the satisfaction just for yourself or you satisfy the other too? Those who are 'selective', seriously, why? Those who have partners, due to sick and tired? Those that been booking FLs, reasons are varied. Could be rushing, you are the receiver not the giver or the girl is not your type. Seriously, you think you are prince charming ah. The girl didn't hiam you, you still wanna hiam. Go home eat hei bi hiam la. And those who are 'no', save your time and go PCC better. Your the other half can go find someone to fuck, no offend. To be real honest, foreplay is IMPORTANT. It the way to create the chemistry and the bonding. To understand each other in a way. Don't be a big fuck and don't do it or just ownself to soong nia. It time to wake up and start learning. I'm not saying that I'm a prof towards this. I'm sharing my experiences with you guys and probably you will realize or learn it again if you lack of what you should do. 

First of all, know each other likes / dislikes. Be it it your own partner or FL / fling or whatsoever, it essential to know. It a mutual respect. There are things you won't do e.g. you don't go under the lady. Let her knows your discomfort in that area. As a human, she will definitely understand it. So do u. If the lady doesn't like to do certain thing e.g. swallowing, don't force her to do it. Never resort in forcing. It a disrespect thing to do. Talk it out beforehand to avoid unhappiness. 

How do you roll the ball? If it is your first time doing it, you can choose to dim the lights. I can understand the awkwardness especially in my field where most of the guys, are my first timers. When i said dim the lights doesn't mean switching off all the lights. Any mishaps happen, not my fault hor. Wait bang to each other all the best ok. At least need some lights to see each other la. If not how you figure out his / her feelings or like us, how would you know whether the guy will do funny things like taking off the condom to raw. Don't say really meh, anything that least expected, it will happen one day. You can turn on some music along to both of you likings to sooth the mood. Turning on the TV is fine too but not all into that as some might think it will be distracting. So music will be a better choice. 

I did talk about kissing in my first instalment. Use that first to bring in the mood. Don't just jump into tearing up the clothes grab / suck her boobies then enter the cave. Please la, rushing to go where. Having a 5 mins challenge meh that you going to make the video viral huh like the recent popular app, Dou Ying. If it for FLs it ok. Cos we are more than happy HAHAHAHA! Kidding! Slowly move towards to her / his neck with light licking / kissing with really light sucking. Don't jitao bite hor. It light ah light one. Don't become vampire for nothing. I don't think you like the idea of leaving marks on visible places especially if you have some attachment right? Don't do this to other party too unless it mutual agreement. For girls we can use concealer to cover the marks, i wonder how you guys going to get concealer for that hahaha. As for ears, ok, this is really subjective. Some might like or ok with it but it not applies to all. For couples i guess majority are ok that their ears are licked. For non couples, i guess it better to ask first. Like for me, yes, my ears are quite sensitive but i would prefer my ears not to be licked. Why? First of all, my current hairstyle is short and most of the times, i will style it. If i have to wash it, part of my hair will get wet and that's it. Secondly, I did experience foul saliva smell still linger on no matter how many times i washed it. You would think it impossible, it did happen. For me, I won't really attack the ears. Cos who knows the guy didn't washed his ears? It can be quite disgusting then haha. The most i will bite lightly on the ears lobes but it really depends how our chemistry go. Oh ya, no matter what you do, like kissing, licking etc, don't leave too much overwhelming saliva please! I did mention before in my chapter 1. It can be quite a turnoff. I don't understand why need to have a puddle of saliva. Forming swimming pool meh? Ok back to neck, try licking around the sides of it as that's the area which are more sensitive.You can slowly move your direction towards the boobs / chest area. 

Some guys' nipples are sensitive and there are those that even more sensitive than their genital areas. So girls, don't simply skip those areas as thought guys don't like it. Unless they really don't have any feels then you can move on. For girls, majority are sensitive on nipples. Unless, i don't know how true is this. Not much sensitivity on enhanced boobs. This is what i heard from other guys and read it from magazines. I can't rectify as mine are xiao long bao without enhancement lol. This is my advise to you as a lady. It might not apply to all ladies though. Don't try to bite or pinch the nipples roughly. You really think it pu toh kua (raisings) har. You know it painful or not. I try to use my teeth to grind your dick you don't like it either too right? So stop behaving like an idiot. Another no no for me it sucking too hard on nipples. There are some guys who i really don't know what's going on through their brains. I think they are trying to suck the milk out of the boobs. You continue doing that, it not milk you trying to get. It tomato juice aka blood. You know, a lady is born to appreciate, dote, admire and embrace. So do it gently and sensually. Yes there are ladies who like it rough but not all and 1 of them is me. Try to use this method. Lick it gently on the nipples and lick in circular motion around the areolas. Trust me, the gal will enjoy more. It the same for guys. But for guys, you can suck it gently on the nipples. Some guys love their nipples to be sucked. Concentrate on this area like about 5 mins or less. Not too long though if not it will numb the nipples too. Lick along the waistline or towards the tummy. You can do a catbath along it. In between, you can kiss the guy. That's no fixed pattern when comes to foreplay. It really up for you to go along. After the cathbath, it the most intense area next. 

Yes, guys' fave, it the blowjob time. For the ladies, it the painting time. For ladies' satisfactions, orgasms are in various places. Some are outside the vagina and there are just right inside. The real g - spot areas are not fixed. For guys, as long as you have the skills, you don't have to worry so much. For some hints, the sensitive areas will be the dickhead, the front surface of the dick where the veins are more obvious and the testicles. Use the right strength to work on the dick. For me, I usually combine both licking and sucking as a combo. You have to know when's the right time to switch in between. This topic have to be covered in more brief details. So i will cover it more in next chapter. Next i will tell u my personal experience of this CS who i considered as an inconsiderate man.

Ages ago, I had this CS who don't know whats the meaning of foreplay. I think he had forgotten all FLs are humans too. He expected the gal to get high and wet themselves. Yes, there are ladies who will use a method to get themselves wet. Of course i won't reveal the method but personally, I don't have to use it. I still have the right sex drive to keep it going. This moron he didn't touched me at all from the beginning. I was the one doing most of the job. He just touched my pussy and said, why are you not wet. So i told him you didn't even caressed me, how was i possibly wet by myself. He went, ooh, you didn't told me earlier. I mean seriously, this need to be told? Me, being sarcastic after somehow being provoked asked him back. You mean you don't know. You don't have gf or wife? No wonder, i can understand. I rather fuck outside if I'm one of them. I don't really care i sounded rude or what. Who cares sia knn. So guess what he did next? He just use his lanjiao finger and doing the tickled action. Not even on my clit or finger me. He just 'tickled' me on my labia. Duh. Not even 3 mins he stopped and said, still not wet ah. Then how to have sex. Girls, what would you do then if meet such a fucker? I was really pissed. I said ok, you wait. I took out my clitoris stimulator which back then i will bring along. So i closed my eyes and concentrating on it. This guy just sat on the other bed (that's 2 beds) and watched. He been asking me now and then still not wet ah like every 1 min. I was damn pek chek and told him as a guy, be a gentleman. Help to caress the gal too instead of sitting there like a dua pek gong. He was like kinda hesitated and came over. He still asked me what he should do. Knn bang wall. I said licked on my boobs la. Ended up he didn't, he just used his fingers to pinch and rub. I think he the type that don't dare to use mouth on FLs. Some guys are like that. Giam fuck yet kia si. Knn don't book gals then. For fuck sia! There came his keywords again. But this time even more dulan. He said wah lau take so long still not wet, in that case, canceled la. I said mister, canceled still need to pay full hor no such thing it free ok. He said he didn't get what he wanted still need to pay. I said as long i nude in front of u, u have to pay. Get the fucking fact right. Wanna come out to play, do some studying first. U want me wet instantly right, you wait. I was fucking dulan. I went to the wardrobe and slammed the sliding door, took out my lube and slammed the door back. My face jitao sibei dulan. I applied some lube in my pussy. I turned to him and bj him again as it went soft. When it hard, i put the cap on and it went soft again. I tried blowing but in vain. So i have to take it out and blow again. Same thing happened after capped on. This time i guess her gave up. He used his hands to hj out. I wiped for him and went to take shower before him. His turn to shower after me.

When payment time, he still can negotiate. I told him no way sorry. In my dictionary, that's no such word called 'discount'. He lan lan suck thumb, gave me the amount and left by slamming the door. Let him slammed lor. Dai sai meh. Doesn't mean customers are always right. So don't give me such fucking attitude. I'm not easily bully so don't try me. I almost hit 1 CS before, so don't judge my size. And ya, even though he showered before action, it still had the stale urine smell. Seriously, do some guys even know how to wash their dicks? I experienced another CS had such issue too. Went in the toilet but didn't seemed to have shower at all. Why? When i catbath him, salty taste of sweat was tasted. The shower foam made of salt har. Especially his dick, it really stank! Please la, why have to pretend to go shower while it was not. In my next topic, i will cover this up. For me, hygiene is a no 1 thing to do and it bloody hell important. Don't expect me to do anything if you refuse to wash up. Either you get out of my room then. U can call me attitude or whatever. You don't respect others but please respect yourself. If you don't learn to respect yourself, how you expect others to respect you? 

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