My Experience in Yoni Massage

Posted in my work thread on the 1st of September 2015


I found this masseur through the net and that's some good reviews so decided to give it a try. Messaged him for his rate and so on and his rate is even cheaper than the previous one I engaged. As those who had done yoni or tantric massage will know, it quite costly. But for this masseur, it lesser than $100 for 2 hours! Of course I would have doubts due to what had happened previously had a bad experience on my previous yoni session. That masseur was trying to luck to be sexual with me). So I told him my objective which was just purely massage, nothing hanky panky. So I arranged. In between that's some miscommunication that made me really fed up. Well, after met him, pardon him, I can understand he might not be that well converse in English. My masseur is an indian, ok I'm not racist that will reject him if not, I would already. It just massage afterall.

He is PR over here for quite a no of years, his origin was India. Accordingly to him, he has 7 years of yoni experience and he worked in spa before. His profession is more on yoni, tantric he did but seldom as it more for couples. His client based are mostly ladies and his regular. So upon arrived in my room, we chatted abit, offered him bottle of water as he doesn't drink and seein him sweating all over, I asked him whether he wanted to shower. He said yes and went for shower. After him, I went for mine as it for hygiene purpose anyway. After I out from shower, I asked him anything he required. My room had 1 king size bed and below it, that's a rollable bed as well. So I used the lower bed in case it got messy. So he asked for a towel to put beneath me. I dimmed the lights and lied down with my back facing up as per his instruction. 

He started wif my back massage starting from my neck, back and all the way to butt. The strokes he used I finally convinced he is genuine. It was not painful but it was relaxing. Yoni is meant to relax your body and mind. Just massage itself, it already 15 - 20 mins. So he went from my neck, back and slowly to my butt. From right side of my butt, he massage in circulate motion and slowly changed it strokes to his fingers brushing across my vagina. It applied to left side too. He did this a few times, each time getting nearer to my clit and the inner part of vagina. He stopped and applied oil to my vagina and started to gently massage, going up and down, up and down. After a few times of that, he used in between his index finger and middle finger, bended and gently pinched my clit. It my first time being pinched on clit this way and honestly, it felt good lol. He gently rubbed on my clit and massage and repeated steps. Oh ya, in between all these, his other hand was gently massage my anus. Poking 1 finger in to massage gently. Ok, I don't do anal ah this is just part of the massage and that's all. I think I was too relax and too sensual, I fell asleep lol. I was somehow awoke when he asked me to turn in front. I realized I was drooling abit because I fell asleep hahahaha.

I turned to my front and he massaged my vagina and clit. After awhile, he inserted 1 finger inside me and gently fingered me while his other hand still massaged my clit. He took out his finger that he fingered me and into my anus again. Actually I didn't realized it til I felt like more than 1 finger in my anus but surprisingly, I don't feel painful. I just felt or rather dilemma were his fingers in my pussy or ass. I couldn't figured out. When I finally figured out, yes, it in my ass while his other hand still rubbing on my clit. After fingered my anus, he poured some oil to my vagina. He inserted his finger into my vagina and started to finger gently while his other finger into my anus. His other hand in my clit. The motion from gently increased it speed and it went faster and faster. He changed to another way instead of going in and out. Tis time, his middle finger went in and it was like a hook kinda position with his palm pressing against my vagina and went up and down, up and down, faster and faster. I knew wat he wanted do. He trying to make me squirt. I did mention to him I hope I can achieve the result of squirting. Ok, actually I really didn't know I can or can't as I didn't witnessed it myself. But, that's 1 incident that til now still left me thinking about it. Few years back, I knew this client. We often met and we kinda liked each other chemistry on bed as the feel was very strong. We always spent 1 and a half hr or more to complete 1 round. His stamina was gd too. Minus foreplay, he could spent 1 hour, just having sex. We often compete with each other and see who will surrender lol. That's 1 time, we were having sex and as usual it lasted for an hour. After everything, I got up from the bed and wanted to head for shower. To my astonishment, I saw a big stain of wetness of bed. It was like half of the bed. I asked him, was it his saliva. He said how could his saliva be this much, it was mine, my juice. I was like, what?! I touched it and it still wet but it was not like super wet til it dripped of course. At that time I don't know that's such thing as squirt and I don't know was dat considered. Maybe that time I was relaxed and enjoyed the whole process.

My masseur kept doing that hook position going really vigorously and I couldn't controlled and gave some moaning. At some points I felt a sensation of peeing but just couldn't released it. My masseur stopped once awhile to rest abit as it was really tiring to do that too.I see him sweating all over. He went on and on and at times will go to my anus. The feeling of peeing come and go, come and go. I wondering how to really released it honestly. Suddenly, my masseur did something out of my expectation. He went under me 😱. Licking and sucking and went on quite vigorously. Because he had moustache at some points, I felt pain around my clit area and I couldn't take it anymore and asked him to stop the licking. I knew why he wanted to do that as he trying his best to make me feel excited. We stopped awhile, took some breath and he asked my permission whether can used 2 fingers. I allowed him to do that. He went in with 1 first then slowly the 2nd one. It changed to another style which both fingers going like 'come here' sign. Somehow I felt some sensation inside. Again, the peeing feeling slowly occurred again. Then it changed to hook again, going up and down. Somehow I couldn't helped it I started to grab pillows, bed side just nearly going to grab my hair hahahaha. The sensation inside was stronger and stronger, I trying to release but still couldn't. Where I wanna concentrated it, he stopped and changed to anus. Inside my mind I went 'wah lau ey, stop for what sia.' This time the feeling of fingering my anus made me wanna shit lol I asked him to stop. He asked me you didn't like it? I said I'm not into anal. He said ok then went back to my vagina again. Same method again and this time different feel. I felt warm inside and it seemed my walls inside were swelling. I knew I had to stop, shouldn't forced it further and my clit was feeling in pain now. I asked him to stop. Telling him I felt the pain already. I lied down there, panting. He, sweating like as if he went for a sundown marathon. He asked me so it to stop everything now I said ya. He said ok he would do some massage to cool my vagina and body down. 

He poured some oil on my vagina, gently massage and stroking it. Whenever he stroked past my clit I can felt sensitiveness. I knew soon it would swell so I told him to avoid the area. Then he applied some oil to my body and massage. While massaged, I began to chat with him. My mouth surely have to talk, couldn't kept quiet lol. I asked him actually can I really squirt or not. He said I can actually as he actually felt it coming as the inner side was swelled like a balloon. If I could relaxed myself, I would have squirted. He added on the bed position played a part too. We were on the lower bed which like mattress. It quite hard for him as he has to squatted down and the position of his hand was out of way. Unless it was on the bed, a certain height level, it might be high chance I could do it. I told him well, might be past few days I have been using a clit massager and somehow I released my needs away and that's why I couldn't concentrated. He said ya true, have to go without any release of sex or sextoys then it might have the feel for yoni. He said best timing for this kind of massage is few days before or after menses. That's the period can really enjoy. I think for my case, might be 2 weeks after menses as during ovulation period, my mood is more desired. While we chatting, he massaged from my body to my legs. He said to me that my hole was really tight, I didn't have sex often is it. Of course he didn't know what I doing and upon hearing that, I kinda laughed to myself and said I actually have it often. He said wow but still tight. In my mind I thinking, of course la, got train one lol. He followed by asking how old am I, early 20s? I laughed out loud and told him my real age. He looked shocked and said, I don't look like at all. He thought I 21 or 22. I again laughed out loud saying no la, maybe it because I'm petite. He said for my age, my figure was really well maintain and still very slim. I told him I watched out my diet, don't allow myself to put on more than 3kgs. Then, I asked him an irrelevant qns. I asked him even though I'm short but my legs look long right lol. He said ya it long. Seeing my legs, people will not think that I'm short. But in fact I am hahahaha.

After he massage my legs, he inserted his finger again. But right inside, it really burning and felt hot. I told him that and he stopped , saying in that case have to stop since I have that sensation. He applied some oil to my vagina to sooth the tension away. He gave 1 last back massage and it ended. When I see the time, wow 745pm already. 3 hours! He went for his shower while I cool down abit. I went for mine after his and paid him with tips. He returned back my tips as he said I had booked a nice room he wouldn't wan the tips. Well, I quite impressed by that. I felt quite paiseh as he trying real hard just to get what I wanted but in the end it didn't accomplished. Maybe the next time I will engage again and this time I will make sure I have the feel first.

Years after this experience, I have no urge to engage another round of yoni. No more such excitement. Even I want, this time I will engage a lady to do for me. I realize that male masseurs will tend to cross the line which by right they shouldn't. I would rather a female masseur to for me. Nevertheless, it an experience for me.

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