My Ultimate Fantasies

Note : The encounters for this section were my past experiences when I first started as independent back then. Most of the stuffs, I had stopped doing. Well, who knows, I might do it again, in future 😊.


Posted on 27th Sept 2015

Hey guys,

Everyone will have their dark sides. Not evil but just some fantasies that you probably can keep it within yourself. Many people will think that girls like us in this line, are rather liberal. Not all are like this. Beside work, the real me doesn't like the idea of looking for a fling or ons. Younger times, I did have a few fling (I think only 3) and these couples of years I did have a fb but things just happened out of expectations. Now, it just a no-no for me to have such complicated stuffs again. I do have my own fantasies. Ya let's talk abt my fantasies in the past.

MMF - √ checked

Couldn't believed that I actually fulfilled it as I thought I will never fulfill. You can refer to these 2 encounters that I had for MMF (Sexual Fantasy Escapade (MMF)), (Flip Me Like A Prata!). The memory still vivid and lingering. I didn't know why I had such guts to do it. If you ask me will I do it again, I doubt I will. Even though it not completed MMF but I contented I did it at least. Recently that's a guy did msg me about a MMF arrangement with his friend. But, I rejected it. If you ask me why didn't I accepted it, I guess it the safety part which the current me will take note of. I did recommend him others and that's all I could do.

Engaging rentboy - Unfulfilled

Til now, I still haven't engaged one yet hahaha. I don't know when can I do it actually. Can't find time for that. I afraid by the time I want it, my ideal guy has gone lol. Maybe when my mind goes bizarre, I will engage haha. Some ladies told me I can get one from those gigolo clubs. Well, I do not wanna spend that much just to fulfill 1 fantasy of mine haha. Imagine the costs from drinks, hang flowers and 'tabao' back, I would rather save the money. I did do my research on rentboy. Their rates are higher than what FLs mark. Even for a normal looking guy with a normal body, it already costs $500 or more for an hour. That's few years ago rates. Now, might be even higher. If you wonder why it is more expensive than ladies, the demands for guys are lesser. Unlike the ladies, can accept quite a no of booking. Even the pussy can't get wet naturally, that's still lubricant that helps. For guys, it much more difficult to get it hard like more than 3 times a day (unless the lady client is freaking chio) unless they have to apply some wonders on it or take pills. Hence, it much more expensive than the ladies. 

Swing - Unfulfilled

I used to try to find a couple to fulfill this with my ex fb. It not something I wanna do but more for him. You know guys, always have the fantasy to do with other ladies when they have 1 by their sides. So to fulfill him, I decided on a swing which at least it was something I agreed to do with him. He was reluctant to do it as he didn't wanna see me doing with other guy. Sometimes I don't understand guys. They can do it with other ladies but we can't. Well, ended up we didn't fulfilled it as we had ended things too. I did try to find with a CS that I trusted but ended up, we didn't fulfilled too haha. So I guess, can close case.

For those couples who wanna try this. Please ensure to communicate well and understand each other agreement. Don't do it for the sake of trying to make the other half happy. It takes both hands to clap. I came across this swinger club site that quoted this. "Having a swing session is to make the bond stronger for couples and it will work for them to treasure each other." To be honest, in my opinion, it kinda bullshit. If it true, maybe the government can use this campaign to urge the couples into it so the divorce cases will decrease 🙄. It will not be "you don't need big space to make baby." It will be "you don't need 1 dick to make baby." I'm not saying it wrong to have a swing. But, to state that, I'm sorry, don't make it a joke of the century, seriously. I did hear of couples who went through swinger session but ended up things got complicated and both couples were divorced. The most amazing was, they remarried to the partner of the opp couple who did swing with them. How ironic. 

I think it ok for everyone to fulfill fantasies or things they wanna do as long it not against conscience or overboard. We live only once. As what I have said, if for couples, communication is the main key be it whatever activity you wanna take part like a tarma, swing or whatsoever. Not everyone especially the ladies are into a 3rd party activity. I do have some bits and pieces fantasies but it not very important though. Most of the stuffs I have almost did it like 50 shades type of sex (the one I being tied and hung up if you guys still remember >>> 50 Shades of Grey (Singapore Version)), kinky sex like rape (not with CS of course), sex at balcony, sex during my menses blah blah blah. In my next write-up, I will share with you guys the things i did for these past years. 

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