Total Recall of FL Life

Hey guys,

It been awhile since my last post. Currently I'm on a break and doing some revamp to my site. This will be my return write-up after revamping. A recap of what I had did during my FL life.


Posted on my work thread on 19th Dec 2015

Starting as independent

Somewhere during early Feb 2015, I decided to start of as independent. Previously, i was with a few agents before and due to some incident, i put it a stop and away for a month or so. Why the decision as independent? I have been around with agents and of course that's not only me in the agency. That's other gals too and newbies. If I really wanna make an earning and kept myself alive, I need a change. I had alot of thoughts back then, whether to go back to my normal life or gave a bet to become independent. So I choose the latter. It was a 50/50 kinda bet, a risk. If I succeed, it god bless me. If I fail, I admit defeat. So I guess u guys know the answer after that. I was around til somewhere end of November 2016 and I left the scene. Made a comeback after a year plus or so and ta la, that's why I'm here lol.

Exploring in different rooms

Due to working as independent, I have the chance to book in different kinda rooms as many would prefer incall. I have the opportunity to explore different kinds, views of rooms. From free upgrading of room to suite, to facing seaview room. 1 of my fave was rooms at offshore. It really had the feel of vacation. That's a few times I got room at somewhere further down and the view was amazing. In front of my balcony, was the view of yachts docking around in the middle of sea. When approaching sunset, the skyline along with the seaview was fantastic. I used to always booked 5 stars room in the past. Til this time when I made a comeback, things changed. It unlike in the past already. So I have explored rooms in lower grades. Some are pretty fine too. Mai hiam buey pai la haha.

Experienced in new stuffs

Somewhere in 2015 when I just started as independent, this cs booked me and I experienced new stuff that I didn't tried before. My hands were tied up and hung up by an electronic hook. This happened before the saga of 50 Shades of Grey was aired in threatre. It was really amazing that a person's home had all these things to play bdsm. Oh ya, his gf and him were professional bdsm players. I did mention about it. I wrote story abt it. >>> You can refer to this 50 Shades Of Grey (Singapore Version) We had lost contacts but really hope the fate would make some miracle as I still yet to experience enough with him hee. I had experienced another 3 or so cases after my first experience. 1, wif his very own imported equipments which were really cool. It hard or almost impossible to get those genuine handcuffs but he managed to have it. It really excite me when I saw it. 2, he knew about the Japanese bondage (Kinbaku). It used ropes to tie as bondage. Kinda different experienced even though my arms sored after that lol. 3, he was more of a dominate then a sub. We chatted beforehand about it as I don't do all these unless they are experienced. So whenever he engaged me, I have to prepare to be a sub and let him torture lol. Of course, that's in the past. Now I don't do these anymore 😊.

Due to the 1st unforgettable mild bdsm experience, that's where it inspired me to have my own 50 shades package (back then I had this package). Of course mine is painless and is more on teasing. Maybe who knows, I might bring the sexyback hahaha.

Sex toys / costumes

To spice up my work and for cs pleasure and excitement, I bought a couples of toys as well as costumes. To be honest, I didn't used sex toys in my whole life only til recently. My toys are not mainly for me. I have 1 or 2 are actually for the guys like cock ring and penis pump. Til now I still don't have the chance to use the pump as, it too big to carry around. Unless it due to request then. I have a couples of costumes from kimono, policewoman, Japanese schoolgirl / local schoolgirl, nurse etc. I don't do request now. Maybe I can consider to do a package for desired outfit. To be honest, I have quite a few sia. Usually I bought it for phototaking and that's it. As for sex toys, I can do a video guidance of the advantages and disadvantages. But I will make this exclusively for my Telegram channel followers if I ever have it then.

Yoni massage

I have engaged 2 masseur as I been wanted to try yoni massage as I have been hearing about it. The 1st one was disaster as that guy was trying to take advantage of me. Asked me whether I wanted to be penetrated or not and fingered me non stop like the past 1 hour til my vagina was swelling. I was so worried I would get rape as he has been using his leg to cross over my thighs. Really a nightmare. The 2nd one was better as he did the normal massage then to yoni massage. But i guess I was not enough rest and my mood was not very good that day and I kinda nervous too. My objective was to know can I squirt but that day it didn't happened. Or, maybe it not easy for me to squirt too as not many gals can do that. So I kinda give up the hope already. My partner back then intended to get me 1 as he knows this female masseur whom he commented that she was good. I don't I have the chance to try anyway as he and I are not in talking terms already. I will cover the story of my Yoni experience someday. I think I wrote about that.


1 of my fantasies haha. I had 2 experiences. 1, both were friends  but only 1 was doing wif me while the other had his dick sleeping away til we ended. 2, both were friends too but it a watched mmf. 1 was doing wif me while the other watched. >>> You can refer to my encounters over here (Sexual Fantasy Escapade (MMF), Flip Me Like A Prata!). To be honest, both were not really a successful mmf as none were doing with me as the term of mmf. It like just doing with just 1 person that's all. If you ask me whether I willing to do it again, I think my answer is no. I guess I tend to be kiasi now haha. The guys that I had to handle with enquires are kinda weird lately. So how I will wanna do it again. Anything happens, I will be at the lossing end.

Rape Sex

Well, this is not done at work lol. But it part of my fantasies so decided to add it in. This was done by my ex partner. We did twice I guess but both cases happened without planning. 1, he sudden attacked me when I out from toilet after showered and the other time he was drunk and suddenly gave me a tight slap across my face. I gave a scream and he grabbed my hands, trying to slap again. I struggled while my legs were kicking all around. I was 'raped' like that haha. After everything, i showed him my red face and he kept apologised to me saying, I thought you want ma as you mentioned before. I told him ya I did but please slap properly lol. Oh ya, we did have a planned one haha. He requested me to wear OL outfit and a black framed spec. You guys should see his expression when I worn that. Like star struck like that haha. We had to play a game, dice games using HP lol. Can be done ok. I tried with my CS before when we were drinking in the room. First, have to download the dices app. So we were playing and I kept losing and I have to drink. Suddenly he just pushed me to bed and torn my top. Yes torn it. That top supposed to throw so it ok to tear. If not it his turn kana slapped by me. You can see the buttons flying in all directions and the tearing sound. Sibei drama. I think this guy trained before to be rapist. He didn't really took off my top. He pulled it down to my wrist and tied my hands up. My job is to struggled la and some screaming.  演戏要演全部. We were like helicopter like that. Turning almost 360 degree on bed hahaha. Then the rest was history. That's our past memories. Now we were 最熟悉的陌生人. 

I won't try this with CS unless it I know him for awhile. Ya I tried before with an ex CS as I know him for awhile. He always fantasied rape sex. His fantasied person was his colleague. So I had to play the role of his that colleague 🙄. The most funniest part was he didn't know how to put on a condom. I had to do the pause and action in order to put it for him hahahaha. The most jialat rapist ever.  

Kinky sex: Did it during code red time

I can't recall did I do it before the last time but for work, yes i did. This cs of mine, he did with me when I was having code red. It was his 1st time engaging me and he booked a room at very far end of east side. 1 thing abt doing during code red time was really different. I felt hornier than usual. I think he will know about it as he did mention to me he couldn't handled me when I was having code red hahahahahaha! Sound like i some kind of monster lol. 1 thing I agreed the aftermath was pretty a mess. Even though I did place an extra towel underneath, it still stained the bed. I don't know how it stained too lol. It just sipped through and ta da. But, the feeling was better than the normal ones and this I can guarantee. I don't know about other gals but for me, it worked.

Kinky sex: @ the balcony

This was done by the same cs who did with me during code red lol. He wanted to try kinky stuffs as he didn't tried before. When in my room, I asked him what he wanna do as I asked him to think the day before after giving him some suggestions. He still yet to have an idea, duh. So I suggested at the balcony as the room balcony could be opened up, or toilet or outside the corridor. When he heard ’corridor', his eyes were widen and looked at me, you can't, you will come often here, you wanna get famous huh? That's where I realised oh ya, I really couldn't do that hahahaha! He found toilet too common for kinky so we settled on at the balcony. It was abt 2am and my room's balcony was facing the office tower. There were some lights still on in that office tower. I lowered myself as standing doggie position and he inserted in. As the space kinda cramped as we actually should do it in horizontal way instead of vertical way. The sound of body slapping against each other and the sound of hitting the glass door can be heard in the middle of 2am. I actually didn't intended to moan loud but the hitting of my inner wall of my vagina was too fast that I started to moan. I thinking did anyone hear me lol. After slowing down, he was asking, will people see us. I said who will sia, this timing. (That time no Huawei P30 ok.) They workaholic meh, don't have to go home. He said who knows sia scarli they are still working if not why on the lights. I said no la, it a procedure that some units have to on the lights. He asked why. I thought for awhile and said, to prevent planes on crashing to the building. He stopped what he was doing and looked at me, sure or not, every building has that red light on top of the roof leh. I said prevention la, in case from far cannot see ma. He laughed ya right, you and your theory. We stopped our craps and continued f-ing but I think it too difficult for him as he kept hitting the glass door. We went in to finish each other instead lol. The feeling is ok, if you guys dare, try during daytime which adds in more excitement. My cs was too conservative. Afraid people will see us yet when we were doing, he found it no kick as no people around. Weird right haha.

Recently, I did the same thing with another CS at, coincidentally, the same hotel lol. We were actually taking a puff at the balcony. He went up to me and hugged me from behind. 1 thing leaded to another. He pulled down my panties and fingered me while he caressed my neck. I went in to reach for the condom and went back to balcony I was about to zipped down his pants and he asked, you wanna do it down here? I said ya why not. He said there's like some people around opposite the building in front leh. This is weird, why the guys are afraid of this where they fantasize doing at such places lol. I said com'on leh. That's a wall barrier in front of us, who can see what we actually doing. So I unzipped his pants, put the condom and bj him, caressed his balls with my hand at the same time. Can see he was enjoying the bj. When he was ready, I pulled up my dress to my waist and arched my hips towards him. He tried to inserted in. Tried and tried, failed. Probably his tool was bigger and my hole is actually kinda tight. It hard to go in at times for some positions. So we moved on to the bed to finish the deed instead haha.

Overseas trips

In June 2016, I have the opportunity to have a staycation task with a cs. It was my birthday month and he wanted to give me a celebration. He booked a nice room and had the 2 days all planned for me. That's nice of him. Beside that, I had went to a no of places that I didn't went before. Realised alot of cheaper stuffs. I even have the chance to dine on the cruise on my birthday itself in a trip in 2015 where a CS booked me to overseas. I had a surprise as the cruise staffs sang birthday song and birthday cake with a bear were placed on my table. I was totally in shocked. I would like to thanks him for arranging everything to me. I appreciate that deep inside my heart . I went to a couple of places with a regular that celebrated my birthday in 2016 which I mentioned earlier. Bangkok, KL, Hong Kong etc. During my retirement that time, he was the one who provided me with allowances. Unfortunately, due to his work crisis, we had to end the arrangement. Beside that, we had some arguments. We were no longer in contact but I really appreciate the things he did for me. Without him helping me along, I won't be retired from the scene back then. I wish him the best in his life and hope he is doing well 🙂.

I think that's what I have experienced during my FL life beside the bang wham stuffs. I can't really recalled what else liao lol. Some I haven't even experienced like what I mentioned in previous post. Like, rent boy, swing etc. Oh ya, I didn't mentioned about about FFM experiences haha. I think it pretty normal though. I had experienced it before I became independent though. If you guys wanna know, I can share my experiences in FFM though. Meanwhile, shall talk to you guys again. Ciao!

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