What's going on these period...

Hey guys,

It been a long time since I am on hiatus from October onwards. I was having my me times to do things that I don't have much times to do like gymming and so on. Everything was fine til tragic struck. Last few weeks ago, my uncle had a bad fall when he was on his way back home. He was in ICU for a week plus before he succumbed to death. It was a sudden news to all of us and it was devastated. 

I was extremely exhausted due to the whole week of event like funeral, picking his remaining after cremation and so on. That period, I didn't have the time to even gym. After the dust had settled, I train like shit to compensate what I had missed out. 

The wake was rather a drama one especially the last night. Almost there's a fight. When came to a picture of ex wife, monetary contribution and nonsense people stirring shit, it became like a Taiwan hokkien drama. Money is the cause and that's when you will see true colors. 2 types of events you will be witnessing that. 1, wedding & 2, funeral. For me, I don't give a shit of my uncle's ex wife or his kids. Even I expected that might be a sequel of Young & Dangerous the next day but they choose not to send my uncle off by not appearing. Speaking so much of being flesh and blood. With or without them, the globe still moves. 

Life has to go on no matter what. The next cny will never be the same though. Every 5th day of lunar new year, we will go over to my uncle's house to pray for my grandma as it her anniversary. After that, we will feast to whatever that cook and place on dining table. From next year onwards, there's no such gathering anymore. His flat was rented from the HDB and they will collect it back soon. I still remember this year cny or the previous one. I didn't wanna took his angbao as I already grown up and making a living. Didn't wanna took his hard earn money. He kept insisted and said that if 1 day I don't receive from him, it means that he is no longer around. True enough, he will not be around on the next one. That's this particular cny, my cuzzies brought their kids along. He turned around and said to me, so when will be my turn to bring mine? He was waiting for me to serve him the wedding tea. Sigh, my dearest uncle, sorry that I couldn't make it happen. If 1 day this day does comes, I will definitely serve you ok? 

These period I have been staying at home to accompany my mom. I know that she's still feeling upset. I saw her crying last week. It not easy to get over and so do I. He just gone so sudden and unexpectedly. We really have to treasure our close and love ones. Life is too fragile. We don't even know when will we leave this world. 

Ok back to work. I will be back probably next week onwards to spend my season of love to see you guys. I have recreated my site again with more sleek feel to suit you gentlemen. You can surf around. You can check out my availability, my work menu, my gallery, my other blog posts blah blah blah. Meantime, enjoy your time on my new sneak preview of my site. Goodnight all 😘!