Q : Are you local?

A = Yes, I am local breed Singaporean Chinese lady.

Q : Can you introduce yourself?

A = I have stated my bio in the 'Biography' category. Before you want to make an appointment with me, I would appreciate that you read through my site like my biography, terms & conditions etc. Any personal questions like "Where are you staying?, "Are you married?" will be prohibited.

Q : Is Ava Naomi your real name? What is your real name?

A = Ava Naomi is my work name. I'm sorry that I won't reveal my true identity and hope you will respect that.

Q : Do you accept other currencies?

A = I'm afraid not. Only in SGD and by cash or Ibanking / ATM transfer, no other modes of payments.

Q : Can I chat or videocall you via mobile or other forms of media platforms?

A = Sorry, no. Only communication platforms will be either by E-mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Even though you are communicating with me via E-mail initially, you will still require to provide me your contact number for finalising our booking.

Q : Why there's no indication of your contact number in the website?

A = If you are contacting me via the website, the only communication will be by E-mail. The reason I don't want to indicate my contact number is to avoid unnecessary issues which may arise. I will provide my contact number to you once our appointment has finalized. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Q : Can we chi chat over messges?

A = I would prefer not. Short chat is ok but not for long hours or days. Please understand that I have my own private time and so do you.

Q : Is it ok to take a picture / video you after meeting as memento?

A = Strictly no. 

Q : Are you from the agency?

A = No. I'm a solely independent without an agent.

Q : Can I request to have your face photo before booking?

A = No way. If you know how to play this game, should know the rules.

Q : Are you available now? I am free now.

A = Please give some times for me to standby for your appointment. I understand that you are a busy man but that's not the way to arrange a booking. If you are so in rush, please make sure you appear at my doorstep by 1 min if I'm hosting. If it is outcall, sorry, I can't fulfill. I would suggest you to travel to red light district to ease your urge. Thank you.

Q : Can I customize my own requirements / fetish? 

A = It can be discussed but no promise that I will fulfill it if it too complicated or a hassle to do so.

Q : Are you pretty? Are you really slim? Do you have pimples?

A = I'm sorry but I don't know how to judge myself. Looks are subjective. I'm a human too, definitely will have my flaws. If you really mind, please make sure you are good looking with 6-packs to even ask for a perfect lady. Sorry, no offend :)

Q : Can I engage you to dine / party / chill with me?

A = I'm not comfy to do that upon meeting for the first time to be honest. For repeat / regular clients, I'm fine with that if I comfy with you. If not, I would prefer you to chill and drink with me in the room instead.

Q : Do you do overnight?

A = Yes I do but only for repeat / regular clients. For newbies, it very much depends on your genuineness and sincerity.